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Why Your RF Welding Facility Needs Industrial Flooring

The radio frequency process can be tough on flooring like in any other manufacturing facility, which is why you should have industrial flooring. Flooring with an industrial-standard epoxy coating can withstand many types of damage that may occur during the RF welding process. florock.net/industrial-concrete-flooring-systems-commercial/

Epoxy industrial flooringKeep Floors Protected from Various Types of RF Welding Damage

While the RF welding process should be clean and produce little mess, the heat energy involved in the welding process results in temporarily melted surface materials in vinyl products. Melted products could cause irreparable damage to unprotected floors as the product hardens and fuses with the floor. You can avoid this kind of damage with an epoxy coating that keeps the floor slick at all times.

Another factor that could damage facility flooring is the RF welding machinery itself. If a machine falls over or breaks down, parts could cause severe damage to concrete flooring. With epoxy industrial floor coatings, floors will be protected from this type of damage at all times.

Other types of damage can occur from surrounding equipment and employees. Heavy machinery can cause cracks and chips that cost a lot to repair. With a coated floor, machinery won’t be able to cause the kind of damage you might normally see.

Paying for Industrial Floor Coating Vs. New Floors

Industrial flooring installations can add a look that best suits the facility, making them more appealing than unprotected floors, but another huge benefit of industrial flooring is the lowered maintenance costs. Repairing epoxy floor coating doesn’t cost nearly as much as replacing floors altogether, with a simple reapplication of epoxy resin. Epoxy is also much more resistant to damage, meaning that you won’t need to perform too many reparations in the event of damage caused by equipment or RF welded products.

The cost of installation is affordable, which is the big upside, and you won’t need to worry about lengthy installation times. Many professionals can install floors quickly to get your facility up and running in no time.

Don’t Hesitate to Get Industrial Flooring

The longer you wait to get appropriate industrial flooring installed in your facility, the greater the risk will be of your floors experiencing expensive damage. Epoxy flooring is a worthwhile investment that can protect your facility for years, reducing overall maintenance costs in the long run and subsequently keeping your production lines running longer.


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